Sugru sticks permanently to many materials like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, plastics (not all of them) and fabrics. It is a material thought to repair things, to hack them adding new functions and creative repurposing. Not only the material is great, but also the Sugru blog is worth checking to find very good inspirations!


"Repaired things bear the scars of a life of use and abuse:

they can remind us that they've served us well."  Team Sugru


More info and image source:


How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Shape, Architecture, Proportions, Mat. Properties, Connections, Surface, Dimensions, Function

When? Production (at home), Assembly (at home), Breakage, End of Life

Who? User

Where? Offline

Why? Functional, Aesthetic

How much? Open 

How many? High volume 

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