This set of products is meant to repair (or as 5.5 Designers claim to "rehabilitate") other, very traditional and very common, broken products. Thanks to the flexible connections and standard pieces these products can fit very different models of chair. Finally, thanks to their visible colour they become a clear sign of the past life of the chair. 


"Reanimate, recover, re-introduce, restore, rehabilitate, recycle, re-think, dress, treat ... The designer becomes a doctor of objects and uses his know-how to optimize the life expectancy of abandoned furniture. The goal is not to restore (a practice that seeks to restore something in its first state), nor to repair (activity that consists in using rudimentary means to prolong life), nor to divert (change function) but To rehabilitate furniture." 5.5 Designers


More info and image source: 5-5designstudio.com

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? The Function is restored (not really changed), and the aesthetic of the reparation is clearly visible!

When? Breakage, End of life

Who? Mainly the User, the Designer could also apply the fixing to specific products and sell them

Where? Offline

Why? Functional

How much? Steps 

How many? High volume

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