Precious Plastic


Precious Plastic is an Open-source Hardware project with the goal of enabling people to transform plastic waste into useful products. The project consists on a set of machines with different functions (shred, extrude, inject, compres plastics) that can build by following the instructions shared online. The machines are thought to be modular and easy to be adapted to the needs related to the specific context. 


This project wants to have an impact on a bigger scale. By sharing the project for free and by designing it in an Open-ended way, Precious Plastic wants to reach volunteers all over the planet and to let them help out cleaning our shared environments from plastic waste.


More info and image source: and

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Architecture, Shape, Proportions, Mat. properties, Skin, Connections, Dimensions, Function, Users' needs

When? Material sourcing, Production (at home), Assembly (at home), End of Life

Who? Designer/Maker, User

Where? Offline

Why? Primary needs

How much? Open 

How many? High volume (the production of machinery), Low volume (the capability of the machineries)

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