Every FREITAG bag is unique. The strong textile used in these bags was in fact a trucks tarp once. The material is collected at the end of life, washed and finished (to better understand the production process you can have a look here). While colours and decorations of the bags are random, coming directly from the graphics of the trucks, the good properties of the material (mechanical properties, but also waterproof quality, etc.) are maintained for every product.


More info and image source:

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Skin (every bag is unique due to the unique material it is made of)

When? Material Sourcing 

Who? Designer, User*

Where? Offline, Online (*there was a tool to personalise your bag by choosing the exact piece of truck-textile to be used, now this tool is no more online) 

Why? Primary needs, Secondary needs

How much? Range

How many? High Volume

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