Fair phone

FAIR PHONE ⋅ 2013    

Fair Phone is an "ethical, open and built to last" smart phone. By adopting a modularity building system the Fair Phone allows you to repair or just upgrade its components (i.e. the camera, battery, case, etc.). Also, the supply chain is designed to be fair by adopting conflict-free metals and by having a transparent production environment. 


In the image (1) Display Module, (2) Camera Module, (3) Battery, (4) Core Module, (5) Top Module, (6) Bottom Module.


"A better phone is a phone made better." by Fair Phone team


More info and image source: fairphone.com

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Function, Users' needs

When? Material sourcing, Use, Breakage, End of life 

Who? User

Where? Offline

Why? Primary needs

How much? Steps, Range, Open (depending on the specific feature you want to modify there are different options)

How many? High Volume

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