PomPon sofa


PomPon sofa is realised starting from a scrap material from the textile industry. Industrial scraps are different from industrial waste because of their predictable occurrence, becoming easier to be used as input material for new processes. In this case the uniqueness of every selvedge (in the images) allows the creation of unique chairs, different in terms of colours and type of textiles. 


Every industrial production implies the production of scraps, reason why we found interesting to explore this topic in this research: Reducing and reusing industrial scraps: a proposed method for industrial designers, by Pacelli, Ostuzzi, Levi. 


More info and image source: designboom.com and con3studio.it

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Skin

When? Material sourcing (an industrial scrap, in this case), Assembly (industrial)

Who? Design

Where? Offline

Why? Primary needs (the designers found a way to give value to a scrap of production, otherwise declassed or wasted)

How much? Range

How many? One / Small serie (due to the manual assembly and not to the material supply, which is produced as c-product in high volumes)

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