TERRA! ⋅ A. SANNA & B. ROBINO ⋅ NUCLEO ⋅ 2000    

TERRA! is a unfinished product. It comes as a cardboard frame to be put in your garden and filled with ground. In time, the frame becomes part of the landscape and an actual armchair, completely covered with grass. In this way the product starts as imperfect and unfinished, and only thanks to the passage of time and the work of nature it becomes functional!



"Objects arrive in our homes as alien spaceships, of which we do not know anything of, and all we learn about them is what they want us to learn. [...] Which is the best way to learn about an object..? Surely to construct it. There is no greater form of intimacy with an object than to be its creator." from nucleo.to



More info and image source: nucleo.to

How? [Work in progress, sorry]

What? Material Properties, Skin 

When? Production (at home)

Who? User, Environment

Where? Offline

Why? Primary and Secondary needs

How much? Range

How many? High Volume 

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