Combining two immiscible liquids in a transparent box is not a new idea, we all recall hourglasses or snow globes built with the same system. The nice idea of Emulsion is to see in this solution a potential analog activity tracker. The aesthetic of the screen changes with the activity done by the user, in a simple and intuitive way because when the product is left still the liquids merge again.


More info and image source: skrekkogle.com

How? Two immiscible liquids, differently coloured become a good easy (analog) way to communicate the level of movement of the user.

What? Material properties, Skin, Function (by changing the product changes the communication) 

When? Use

Who? User

Where? Offline

Why? Primary needs (in terms of functionality of the communication) 

How much? Range 

How many? High Volume (the product is now a prototype)

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