Loper are shoes in leather and durable rubber soles. The originality in this design is the assembly, done by using a rope. In this way the use of glue is avoided, which can lead to increased sustainability both under the aspect of end of life scenarios and possibility of maintenance / upgrade of the shoes. The assembly can be done by the end user, without the need for specific tools. The sole is done with traditional high volume techniques, while the leather is traditionally produced with more flexible techniques, leading to possible personalisation.


More info and image source: proefdesigns.com

How? Easy connections that enable the assembly by the end user and the disassembly at the end of life.

What? Proportions, Dimensions, Users' needs 

When? Production (industrial), Assembly (end user)

Who? Designer, User

Where? Online, Offline

Why? Primary needs 

How much? Range to Open (steps for the soles, produced in high volumes)

How many? High Volume 

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