Burn-me piece



I like Martí Guixé because his work always triggers some sort of reflection. Often in his projects there is a reference to a "Vanishing act", meaning with this that the designed product is meant to disappear at the end of the use, or even during the use it self (in this way the user is sometimes faced to the choice between keeping the product or using it). After all Burn-me pieces are simple wood-blocks meant to be burned.
"Park Life seeks to reconsider everyday life as a luxury leisure sport." by Martí Guixé


More info and image source: guixe.com

How? Burn-me piece is designed for a vanishing act, the pieces are meant to be completely burnt and then disappear.

What? Being the product burnt after all the hard attributes (shape, proportions, etc.) are changed

When? Use, Breakage and End of life

Who? User and Environment (once the product has been started) 

Where? Offline

Why? Primary needs

How much? Range 

How many? High Volume

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