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Post Post is an aluminium canvas "to be sculpted by the mail service".  As we know, products might be hit and deformed during the handling of the box, and this is something we cannot always avoid. The ides of Skrekkøgle is to embrace this unavoidable event, allowing it to take part of the creation process. In this way every received Post Post is different and the designer is finally allowed to lose control on the final shape!

"As every sheet is handled differently in the mail, each Post Post is unique. We don't have any control over how roughly the package is treated, so it might come out really crumbled or just slightly dented." bySkrekkøgle


More info and image source: and their blog

How? The change happens because of the shape given to the aluminium, a flat canvas with geometrical cut that increase the flexibility of the entire structure.

What? Shape

When? During the distribution (which is this case I consider as production done by the end user)

Who? User, in this case the postman and Environment, meant as the handling systems themselves 

Where? Offline

Why? Secondary needs and Unavoidable change 

How much? Range 

How many? High Volume

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