Saving / Space / Vase



Saving/Space/Vase is big vase for outdoor use. Each piece of the collection is unique, thanks to the industrial production process used to create it. Mainly, the vase is first rotational moulded and then -while still lukewarm- deformed with a vertical pressure. This second process is more open, and leads to unpredictable (within certain limits) results and therefore unique products.


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How? After being moulded Saving/Space/Vase is subjected to a vertical pressure, that deforms it. This second process is more open than the moulding one, leading to uncontrollable results (within certain limits) and unique products. Such process could be defined as Open-ended Production Process.

What? Shape, Proportions and overall dimensions

When? Production (Industrial)

Who? Producer / Designer

Where? Offline

Why? Secondary needs  

How much? Range 

How many? Low to High Volume

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