WabiSabi Mirror&Table



In this design the two elements, table and mirror, are complementary. Neither can function without the other. The designer chooses to let them be dependent. In this way, we could argue that the material used to build the additional leg of the mirror has been saved, by sharing the function among the different component. On the other hand flexibility of use is lost, unless the user finds creative way to rebalance the structure with other objects.


"Apart from the other, both are flawed [...]. Yet, these two pieces have been created to complete one another." by E. L. Parker


More info and image source: enyleeparker.com/wabi-sabi

How? This design is based on complementary objects, without one the other cannot function anymore. It is also designed to beautifully age in time.

What? Function

When? Assembly, done by the designer

Who? Designer

Where? Offline

Why? Secondary needs

How much? Steps 

How many? High Volume 

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