Wikipedia is probably the first inspiration for this project.


It is an online encyclopedia that starts as an empty box, a white paper. It is released still imperfect, because unfinished. Only thanks to the support of the users Wikipedia can grow, becoming better, and more perfect. Wikipedia remains dynamic thanks to the openness towards continuous additions and modifications.


"Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."


More info and image source:

How? Wikipedia starts as a white page to be filled with content. The design is first of all imperfect and unfinished, in order to allow easy re-appropriations from the end users.

What? Function in terms of contents and knowledge that is delivered

When? Production (done by the end user) and during the use phase itself

Who? User (in this case, communities of users)

Where? On-line

Why? Primary needs

How much? Open 

How many? High Volume

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